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Why works are being rejected

vigor vigor 10208 posts

If you have gotten a rejection from Backyard Photography/Art Group it’s not because your work isn’t good, it’s because it’s not following the guidelines.
We will not accept macros of any kind, no flowers, or insects or animals of any kind. We will take closeups as long as there some indication of a backyard!!! Please keep in mind that Backyard means just that, we want to see a backyard, not so much objects in it.
We aren’t looking for layered works that eliminate any backyard. When we say Art, we mean painted or drawn pictures in a back yard or a private yard somewhere.
We will not accept pictures taken from any public place, and please if you can, indicate where your photos were taken or they will be rejected if we can’t tell from the picture.
Being hosts of a group takes alot of time and we do it because we love to and we love to run a great group. So please, help make our jobs easier and familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines so your works will not be rejected.
Thank you for your understanding.
Teresa and Viv

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1498 posts

Gottcha! Thanks for clarifying this! Great host you are!

RGHunt RGHunt 7257 posts

Clear and concise

virginian virginian 12907 posts

Thanks for all you do for us!

mom23girls mom23girls 2104 posts

Thanks again for the clarification and all you do!!

almaalice almaalice 459 posts

Thank you so much Vivian for this clarification. I think that some confusion arises in translation across the ocean divide!! In England a back yard is just a small paved area, usually without any lawns and only pots of shrubs and flowers for decoration. Anything more expansive than that is either a very large garden or a small holding. Thus if I have sent you any unsuitable images this is both my explanation and apology. Thank you for your wonderful work in hosting this group and I will hope to be a more fruitful contributor in future. Alma xx

vigor vigor 10208 posts

Thank you Alma, I wasn’t aware of this either, so I just learned something myself. I guess there might be a miscommunication across the great expanse of water between us!!! We will all do our best to resolve this!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8561 posts

Thanks much

Elfriede Fulda Elfriede Fulda 710 posts

I understand, thank you for all that you do !

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2684 posts

Ok Vivian. Once I saw a photo from the front yard so I thought it was admissible. Best regards :)

♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey ♥⊱ B. Randi Ba... 1437 posts

I must admit to some confusion still. I see a photo featured that shows a little of a shrub behind it but just a very small part. Mine shows some ground, etc. and maybe some surrounding shrubbery-just a slight bit. Is it because it appears a bit darker (the surroundings, not the flower) and you can’t see the surroundings as well? There really is such a miniscule difference that I don’t quite get it. Thanks for your work with the group and I know that things can change in terms of guidelines, and swing back and forth sometimes, so i just feel the need to ask.

vigor vigor 10208 posts

I think it’s to the discretion of whoever is doing the moderating but this has just turned into a difficult call for this group. We have requested NO CLOSEUPS of dogs or cats or flowers etc. but we still get them and so we just accept or reject to our discretion. I don’t know what else to say, if we feel it fits the backyard theme it will be accepted. Please bare with us, there is a message that has example photos you might want to check out. There is a closeup and macro in the backyard group. We really want more view of a yard than a closeup. I hope this helps.

♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey ♥⊱ B. Randi Ba... 1437 posts

Thanks, yes that helps…thought that might be the case ;-)

Lynn Starner Lynn Starner 195 posts

I’m still a bit confused too. I’m seeing lots of close ups of roses, tree blossoms, etc. being accepted — and featured — don’t see why a close up of a group of tulips in a front yard is unacceptable….

vigor vigor 10208 posts

This has become a bit confusing, so it’s more or less to the host’s discretion as to whether we feel a work shows some background of a yard setting even in closeup shots. We don’t want manipulations, or textures that remove this. All we ask is that when we see something, can we tell if it’s in a backyard or not? There is a visual guideline in the message section. Unless Teresa wants to redo her guidelines, I can only try to decide what is acceptable or not. I’m sorry for the confusion, but there’s groups for closeups and macros, we are simply looking for more of a yard scene. Please bare with us. Thanks for asking.

Heidi Mooney-Hill Heidi Mooney-Hill 1190 posts

I’m very happy to be in this group. Even though my english sometimes is missing to understand some questions, it seems to be clear to understand the rules. As for myself, I’ll try to not make to many mistakes. I know your work is priceless, giving the group members all your time,to keep this group going. Thank you very much
Have a nice weekend

vigor vigor 10208 posts

Thank you Heidi, one thing we don’t want is our members to be confused. We have tried to give precise guidelines to follow and mainly we want our members to have fun and share their backyard shots.

Sandra Lee Woods Sandra Lee Woods 350 posts

Great explaination. I think I understand now.

Dlouise Dlouise 3043 posts

Thanks for the great explaination,,,got it:)

♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey ♥⊱ B. Randi Ba... 1437 posts

Well, I must say that this group is looking much like the other backyard group with 2-5 flower close-ups, etc. It used to accept backyard views: and remember in areas with coasts, the property line extends into the water, and the seaside view includes some backyard-even though it’s inundated.
I tried to include a small bough from a mangrove bush in my capture, and that nestles up to my seawall. Anyway, whatever you decide is fine…this is just a small request to open up the group a bit more to sea views. You’d probably expect that from someone from Florida. Thank you for all your work running the group. I know how time-consuming it is, first-hand.

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Hello beautiful BY Members,
I had to reject a few lovely photos today…I sent a reason with them, so if you got one and you think I was wrong about my decision please BubbleMail me. I based my rejection on not seeing any information about being taken in or from the yard. Even if it is a shot of the sea and taken from your yard those work….I really,really don’t like to have to reject work….

Bernhard Matejka Bernhard Matejka 3986 posts

Thanks for your time and work!

Barbara  Brown Barbara Brown 1162 posts

Thanks my friend for your work and diligence.

LunaLuxPhoto LunaLuxPhoto 82 posts

Thank you….and seriously, thank you for all the lovely works you put in here…..eye candy extraordinaire~!!

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