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*This Group is for Artists who use Black as the MAIN Art hue/color

Dark Passages

This challenge closed almost 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Entries for the challenge must depict a passage: a doorway, a window, a stairway, a tunnel, a corridor, etc. leading into Dark Places whether of the mind, the soul, the nether-world… perhaps a room, a wilderness or regions undefined. In keeping with our color scheme (or lack of it), images should cast a mood that’s… well… dark. A mood mysterious, evocative and maybe ominous.

Be sure your work fits the rules and focus of the group (primarily done in black). Style and interpretations are up to you.

Please note…if you think your image needs a filter, then it’s probably not appropriate. We want our challenge entries to be seen be all. And this group’s for everyone. Nothing pornographic, no full nudity, no overt blood and gore, no images depicting harm to animals, no gratuitous violence. The line can be thin but hosts will have the final say on what’s acceptable and what is not; so if your content is “mature” be sure its rating isn’t X.

Drawings, paintings and digital art are all welcome but please ~~ no straight b&w photography (photos are acceptable only if manipulated or enhanced in digital to qualify as art).

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for those you think are best. We encourage you to vote for more than one.

Base your picks on artistic merit, imagination, mood, originality and how well you think they fit the challenge theme.

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook or any other venue will have their work removed. Let the artwork win on merit, not popularity!

Rewards & Prizes

Winner’s Banner! Spotlight on our Group Home Page! Plus, the winning artist will be added to our league of Featured Artists here at Back in Black.

Runners-up (Top 10) also get a banner if we have at least 20 entries. Otherwise, we’ll recognize the Top 5.

Additional Information

Please be sure your entry’s in the group!

If in doubt about our rules or focus, please check our Guidelines. Any work deemed unsuitable for content, or which fails to comply with our requirements will be removed from the challenge prior to voting at discretion of the hosts.

Older work acceptable… newer would be better yet! Hope you’ll have some fun with this. We’re looking forward to your visions of the dark that lies beyond the passageway.

(Additional: hosts may enter if they like. After all we’re members too!)

Cover Image: ~ Yes Virginia, there really is Evil in the Universe ~ by Nadya Johnson


The Top Ten

Street by Damian May

Street by Damian May was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • Convergence by Tara Lemana
  • Steps by Gal Lo Leggio
  • headless worker-paranormal studies by leapdaybride
  • The Hole by blacknight
  • Darkside Dreamers by lilynoelle
  • Come Join Me .. whispers the vampyre by LoneAngel
  • Disc Julian #7: Dark Alleys / People are Strange  (UF0350) by barrowda
  • Destination by Mui-Ling Teh
  • The lunatics are in my hall... by shutterbug2010

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