Back !

The back is back ! Let's bring the back back to the forefront.

Recent Work

  • 385 by photomkd
  • Timeless by Brian Posslenzny
  • Posing by Brian Posslenzny
  • Jeans by Brian Posslenzny
  • My lady's bath by George Krause
  • Grey Nude I by Maxoperandi
  • Grey Nude II by Maxoperandi
  • Time For Ones-self by rowanmacs
  • X2 b by rowanmacs
  • Half Moon Rising! by Maxoperandi
  • Introducting Chelsea Spencer by Maxoperandi
  • Cracked 8034 by fotowagner

About This Group

This group is for the appreciation of the human back.

The form, the shape, the colour, texture, tone, folds, etc. If you can add the smell, taste and touch all the better :)

Here are some guidelines for acceptance of photos:

- The back need not be completely uncovered, but we want to see the shape and form, so a loose fitting shirt from behind won’t cut it.

- Full body shots from behind are fine, but there should be something about the back in those shots that takes your interest, be it subtle or obvious.

- If the emphasis is more on the bum than the back then it belongs in the “bum” group if there is one.

- Just any shots of someone from behind are not really what this is about. That group might have been called “people from behind”, but this group is about the back itself.

- Photography only please as we’re photographers, not painters, so our judgement of paintings/drawings may not be very enlightened.

See the group rules and join this group here