Large. Beautiful People

Art & photography featuring Large, beautiful people NOT dire, skinny or boob/ass/leg shots!

Recent Work

  • Big Girls 2 by lettergnome
  • a bbw pin up by wislingsailsmen
  • Jelly Pillow by PurpleAlien
  • Koi by PurpleAlien
  • Easter Bunny by Laura Hutton
  • Tha Face by wislingsailsmen
  • Fat Girl in a Sweet Shop by Laura Hutton
  • Merry Christmas! by Laura Hutton
  • Self Portrait - au naturale by Vicki Childs
  • Erica Boudoir 2 by redhairedgirl
  • Portrait of Pamela Oberman   by Virginia McGowan
  • BBW beauty Allison in a Cami  by redhairedgirl

About This Group

A group for persons who have artwork featuring large, beautiful people. (L.B.P)
Not animals or abstract art!

Images should be a celebration of the beauty within loving the volumptuous size person so please submit full body images rather than an arm, legs or a pair of boobs. Portraits of course are acceptable and abstracts WILL be considered on a case by case basis. Also lay off the pornographic content OK, big girls big men who are appreciated for their form not appendages.

Big – beyond a normal sized, not just slightly bigger than starved… Well rounded, plump, Botticelli, Rubenesque. Cheery or miserable.
Go wild with big creativity :) xXx

These below are some lovely examples

Kevin Middleton


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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