To celebrate the beauty and diversity of God's Creation(No cats or dogs)

Recent Work

  • ITS OUR SECRET - BLACK FACED IMPALA - Aepyceros melampus by Magriet Meintjes
  • Head to Head with Friends by AnnDixon
  • Timber Woles aka Grey Wolves _ Canis Lupus! by Poete100
  • Late Evening Swan Swim by TJ Baccari Photography
  • Just a Couple of Asses...Down On Oko's Farm by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Hungry and wet by missmoneypenny
  • A Sheep by JEZ22
  • Oh That's Better ! by Penny Smith
  • Black Winged Stilt by Penny Smith
  • My Mate Maurie by Penny Smith
  • A small selection of my garden birds by missmoneypenny
  • Muscovy Duck at Market Common by TJ Baccari Photography

About This Group

A Group for animal lovers to celebrate the beauty of animals, birds, fish and creeping things. Photography and fine art only. By fine art we mean the sort of picture that reflects reality. No cats or dogs, as there are plenty of specialist groups for them. No people in the pictures. No man made objects, if they are the main focus of the picture. Two works per day. NO ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! We do not want pictures that focus on animals copulating or relieving themselves either. Have a little respect!

The winner of our Group Avatar Challenge was Shaun Colin Bell with his picture Snake Eagle 2.

Winner challenges-Squirrels-

Red Squirrel by Veronica Schultz
Winner challenge:" A baba bird"
Yikes!!!! We are so high in this tree YIKES!!! by TJ Baccari Pho..

Winnwe challenge.“Bird”
Snake Eagle 2 by Shaun Colin Bell

Winners Challenge:“Zebras,elephants and giraffes”

“Walking the Walk” by maureenclark
Winner avatar challenge

Great Eyes !! by jozi1
Winner Challenge:“Small awesome animals”

Oh, Dear!…. by Laurie Minor
Winner Challenge:“Beautiful horses”

Shire Horse by AnnDixon
Winner challenge*Animals in the snow*

FAMILY PORTRAIT #2 – Polar Bears, Churchill, Canada by Carole-Anne

I Am Wolf – Timber Wolf by Poete100
Winner*Underwater creatures* challenge

Invasion of the Japanese Sea Nettles *by DebiDalio
Winner “Avatar” challenge

by WhiteDove Stud…

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