Australian Railways - Past & Present

For all images and clothing depicting anything to do with Australian Trains and Railways

Recent Work

  • 218 steam engine by Delightfuldave
  • Ride on by UncaDeej
  • Billy Puffing Backwards by TonyCrehan
  • Western viaducts by Delightfuldave
  • Railway Mural, Alpha, Queensland, Australia 2016 by muz2142
  • Clockwatcher on entrance Flinders St station 19580904 0001 by Fred Mitchell
  • Garrett Locomotive by One-Country
  • Puffing Billy Crossing - 0159 by Studio 150 Photography
  • 1694 Climax  - 0802 by Studio 150 Photography
  • Passing Nobelius Station - 0804 by Studio 150 Photography
  • G42  Crossing - 1005 by Studio 150 Photography
  • Bowels Of The Beast - 1415 by Studio 150 Photography

About This Group

This Train group is exclusively for anything to do with “Australian Railways (past or present)”. Images of Australian trains only or any other memorabelia, stations, signals tracks or anything else relating to Railways in Australia. We are train enthusiasts and love having a group to share Railway images with others. And being Australian Railways, hopefuly we might be able to arrange an occasional group meet up.

This group is not for images of other trains/railways around the world outside of Australia (unless it is a train that has been transported to Australia for a special event) like when The Flying Scotsman was bought out to Australia some years ago


" Australian Stations Challenge"

Station Master by Steve Scully

“Show Us Your Best Aussie Train Image” Challenge
Steam and Mist by Paul Bech

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