Australia's Great Coastline

Group Rules:

The major rule here is to capture and name your favourite pieces of Australian coastline and to only post your premium pictures. I know this sounds cheeky, but if pics are not up to scratch they will be removed….so please don’t be offended

Location: Must Be Named in the Title or description

We want see the location, so we wont be accepting just sunrise’s/sunsets, there are more appropriate groups for that; it is about the focus on the coast, we want to see the water and sand / rock…. its about complete scenery….not just a sunset or a rockpool…you get the idea!

MUST HAVE THE OCEAN AND A LAND MASS AND LOCATION NAME IN THE TITLE. We don’t accept Lakes, rivers or any other inland waterway.. so no shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House.. they are on an inland waterway..

Its a photographic group only….sorry to the painters :(

share Australia’s secrets with us