Australian Bush ☼ (No Macros or Urban Thank you!)

This group is for all your beautiful Scenic views of the Australian Bush. Landscapes preferred CURRENT GROUP NEWS INFO in the FORUM - PLEASE JOIN IN!

Recent Work

  • Baubles by Claire Walsh
  • Millstream Chichester National Park 02 by Graham Buffinton
  • Millstream Chichester National Park 01 by Graham Buffinton
  • Kangaroo_Halls Gap_Grampians_Victoria_Australia by Kay Cunningham
  • Eastern Yellow Robin by Jenelle  Irvine
  • Saunders Beach by John Douglas
  • Cockle Creek  by sarah ward
  • Aroona Valley by Bette Devine
  • Late Afternoon on the Murray River, NSW by Christine Smith
  • Australian Brush Turkey by Ramace
  • Parachilna Creek by Bette Devine
  • On the lookout near Longreach. North Queensland by hans peðer alfreð olsen

About This Group

Welcome to the Australian Bush Group!
This is a Group for you to show & tell about where you went bush (out of the Urban Jungle & into Rural Australia) and what you saw and did when you got there!


Our current avatar is

’Sturt’s Desert Pea’ by Paula McManus
Winner of the Spring in the Bush Challenge [September 2010]

This is the second Time Paula has been a Challenge winner!
☼BRAVO Paula! ☼


Please keep an eye on the Australian Bush Heritage site!

Bush – _The Bush, a term used for rural, undeveloped land or country areas_ according to Wikipedia
IE no Urban Suburban or City shots!

Composition of artwork for this group should be predominantly landscape oriented (We are trying to portray pictures Of “The Bush” not that the bush just happened to be where you were!)
Only art from publicly accessible Rural areas – no Urban Development & European looking back yard garden shots please (
Native Vegetated Reserve Parks or gardens within the urban areas are acceptable at the discretion of the moderator
People and people created things can be considered “out bush”, but please remember Rule 1 when submitting artwork of this type – predominantly landscape orientated. _Shots must have a predominant element of “landscape” to it!_

Abstract landscapes will only be accepted if they contain a significant element of realist landscape. For pure abstract artwork please visit the Abstract Landscapes group

- Please remember Wikipedia’s definitionrural, undeveloped
(Including but not limited to: people, birds, insects, & animals; huts, lodges, cabins, & houses; campervans, caravans & tents; farm-buildings, industrial buildings & equipment; roads, tracks, pathways & railways; bridges & buildings; gates & fencing; personal vehicles, trucks, tractors & boats; etc – all can be rural things and as such can be in the shot but not the main body of the shot This is so we don’t get, for example, a photo focused mainly on a tractor even if it is rusting away in a paddock somewhere all it is really, is a picture of a tractor!)

In the description box there needs to be location information of where images were taken / made / writings were influenced by (In the case of writing – if not included within the piece, the area influencing the written piece described [and pictured if possible] in the description box)

With a desire to keep the focus on accurate impressions of the Natural Australian Bush, If not set in predominantly bush landscape settings, this group will not accept:
a) close ups on animals, birds & insects – please see the Australian Wildlife group
b) close ups on florals – please see Australian Native Plants
c) and please keep HDR and other computer generated effects to a bare minimum (Subsequent to the discretion of the moderator)

Please no Macro’s! – for these please see Macro Photography
Please no Back Yard shots – for this see Back Yard Photography or Back Yard Close Ups and Macro Shots Only groups

Journals are to be about the Australian Bush and your experiences within it and your experiences of this group (Other journal entries may be refused)

Please keep an eye on the Group News to be involved in the group action!
(Forum discussions do not necessarily have to be limited to bush and rainforest issues. These entries help us get to know the diversity of group members’ interests!)

Please limit your uploads to 2 images per day per person
(and be aware that we will [sadly!] remove incompatible work)

☼ The Image currently representing the group is

’Sturt’s Desert Pea’ by Paula McManus
Winner of the Spring in the Bush Challenge [September 2010]


‘Reflections of Kakadu’ by sirthomas1960
Winner of the Soggy Bush Comp- [August 2010] and a stunning artwork!

“Southern Highlands Mist” by Michael Keene
Winner of the Merely Mist Challenge

‘Mt Stirling – Victorian High Country’ by Cindy McDonald
Winner of the Becoming Cold Avatar Challenge

‘Dawn Service’ by Paula McManus
Winner of our 95th ANZAC Day Challenge
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn; At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them….. Lest we forget!

‘Australian Bush’ by julie ann grattan
Chosen for her participation in the group and for the sheer “Iconic Bush” scene of the work! Thank you! ♥

Fly Fishing’ by Miekeb
Winner of the Fabulous February Fun in the Bush Challenge BRAVO! ☼

Karri Trees in the Early Morning Mist by pennyswork
Winner of the New Beginnings Challenge Jan 2010 an awesome vision to start our New Year and New Decade with! ☼ BRAVO!! ☼

‘Christmas Spirit’ by Steve Sass
Winner of the Bush Christmas 09 Challenge
Showing us that the “Bluebird of Happiness” should be with us at Christmas and all the year through! ☼ B R A V O !!!

‘Rising From Hell’ by mspfoto
Winner of the Regrowth Challenge November 09 ☼ BRAVO!! ☼ Celebrating the bush recovering from the devastating Black Saturday Bushfires and warning us to be careful this and every summer fire danger period!

‘Passion, WA Wildflowers’ by Malcolm Katon winner of the Spring Carnival; Avatar Picture race ☼Springtime!☼— October 09 ☼ BRAVO !! ☼

‘The Colour of Snow’ by Geoff Coleman
Voted winner of the “Let the Waters Flow at the Melting of the Snow!” Challenge September 09

‘Wattle’ by Eve Parry
Voted winner of the “Wattle Bring in the Spring” Challenge – August 09
Inaugural winner of the group’s first monthly $20 Voucher prize – ☼ BRAVO! ☼

‘Snow Gum’ by Ern Mainka

Congratulations Ern! A race well won! :O)

Enjoy your time in the Australian Bush!
& remember ◘ Tread Lightly – Take only photo’s & leave only footprints!

See the group rules and join this group here

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