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For anything and everything related to automotive culture in Australia.

Recent Work

  • LandCruiser Wagon by Adam1991
  • Honda ATC 70 by Adam1991
  • Speed Machine 1 by David Sumner
  • Speed Machine 2 by David Sumner
  • Cash by parkie
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta cuore sportivo by Azaziel
  • GTR-XU1 Guard - Blue by radestilo
  • GTR-XU1 Guard - Purple by radestilo
  • GTR-XU1 Guard - Lime Green by radestilo
  • Black Hot Rod Utility rear at Coffee n Classics by Ferenghi
  • Reverse Cowling on a Classic Statesman by Ferenghi
  • S Curves, Towards Sedan, South Australia 2018 by muz2142

About This Group

- Update 17-3-2010 -

A big congratulations to the winners of our recent challenges, Dean Perkins for the Ford Challenge and Simon Penrose for the Holden Challenge. Below are the winning images, please take the time to view and comment on them.

This group is here to show off the diversity and passion of Australian automotive culture, anything from classic Aussie & American muscle cars, to wild Japanese imports, the eternal battles between Holden and Ford, our many and varied racing arenas from V8 supercars, off-road rally racing, drag racing and drifting.

We are open to anything automotive and Australian, including trucks/road trains, 4WDriving and the battles between Toyota and Nissan, motorbikes and everything else in between.

If its got an engine and wheels, and was taken in Australia, it belongs here.

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