Australia! You're Standing In it....

Images With An Aussie Flavour!

Recent Work

  • Country View by JOHN COCORIS
  • Lift off by BigAndRed
  • Fair Man by John Douglas
  • Stylidium lateriticola  by kalaryder
  • Belmore Basin (pan) by rom01
  • The Old Pier by D-GaP
  • The Pink Cliffs at Heathcote VIC Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • Natures pure beauty 01. by kevin Chippindall
  • Wollongong Rocks at night by rom01
  • An Australian Protea!! by Anthony Goldman
  • After the Bushfires in The Warrumbungle Nation Park by myraj
  • Badgers Pond - Panorama by Daniel Berends

About This Group

Fun in Australia, that is what our Group is about!!
Living and loving life DOWNUNDER! That is what this dynamic group is about. As a true blue Australian, I love this sunburnt country and enjoy a long weekend, play AC/DC and I drive a Holden car. Life in this lucky country is good. We are here to keep the spirit and memory of the great Australian Way Of Life ALIVE! Join us in showing the world our unique lifestyle and wild sights of nature and man, our kids at the footy and our pet dog Blue, just you and your lifestyle, an Australian way of life. Please be sure your images have a distinct Aussie flavour and they will proudly grace our pages.

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