atmospheric land and seascapes (2 per day)

This group is all about the atmospherics of landscapes and seascapes, either captured naturally or enhanced in post production.

Recent Work

  • The Lake District: All Calm at Brother's Water by Rob Parsons (AKA Just a Walker with a Camera)
  • Angel at Sunset Time by John Dalkin
  • Louise Falls on the Hay River by Yukondick
  • Widows Creek Distance by Paul Lubaczewski
  • CLOUDS by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Loch Kinord by David Lewins
  • Boats at the Small Pier by Tom Gomez
  • Morning Light Over Ugborough Beacon by lezvee
  • Japanese Garden by Margaret Stevens
  • Under the Overpass Little Falls, NY USA by Frank Kapusta
  • Driftwood in the River by Margaret Stevens
  • West Side of Wonder by Owed To Nature

About This Group

Land, sea and waterscapes, often lend themselves to beautiful moods and atmospheres. Whether they are captured naturally using the available light, long exposures and creative filters, or developed artificially with textures and layers in an editing program, these are the types of images we would like to see displayed in this group.

Please limit your uploads to two images per day.

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