Atlantic Canada

A place for artists currently living in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia…and yes, even Newfoundland) to show the rest of the world what incredible art and talent we produce over here.


  • Beacon of Light by EvaMcDermott
  • Lonely Beach by EvaMcDermott
  • Bowering Park by Ryan Piercey
  • Beacon by Ryan Piercey
  • Cape Spear Scenery by Ryan Piercey
  • Trees at Aspey Bay  by EvaMcDermott
  • Aspey Bay Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia by EvaMcDermott
  • Bell Island Coast by Daphne Johnson
  • Cold Dawn by EvaMcDermott
  • Boulder by EvaMcDermott
  • Mabou Sunset by EvaMcDermott
  • Wild Rose by Darlene Ruhs
  • Soaking up the Sun by Darlene Ruhs
  • Ruth's Nova Scotia by Carolyn Bishop
  • Rhodo Bud by JTrask
  • A Place To Sit And Dream by Darlene Ruhs
  • Bluenose II by justimagine
  • Sail On  by justimagine