Atlantic Canada

A place for artists currently living in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia…and yes, even Newfoundland) to show the rest of the world what incredible art and talent we produce over here.


  • Waiting For Spring by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Well Weathered by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Take A Load Off by Mike McCarthy
  • Lower Deck Viewport by Mike McCarthy
  • Theodore Too To The Rescue by Mike McCarthy
  • North Cape 2 by Rebelx
  • Irony by Ryan Piercey
  • The Golden Morning by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Harbour Reflections by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Rock & Waves by JTrask
  • Net Floats by Lee Donavon Hardy
  • Abandoned - The Sambro Island Lighthouse by Darlene Ruhs
  • The Anchor Holds... by Kevin  Kroeker
  • Hatmatack Cone by JTrask
  • Beautiful Family by Stephen Ryan
  • Children Of The Corn by Kevin  Kroeker
  • Peggy's Cove by Leanne Davis
  • Peggy's Cove Lighthouse by Leanne Davis