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Recent Work

  • Wearable Chauvinism by phil decocco
  • The Sitar At The Antique Shop by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • " The Walking Stick Shop" by Malcolm Chant
  • Mac's Sea Garden by phil decocco
  • Graveyard... by pixelfan
  • Pharmacy - Bertrams ghosts 1909 by Michael Savad
  • Fresh Veggies by CarolM
  • Pharmacy - Collins Pharmacy 1915 by Michael Savad
  • Comestibles by phil decocco
  • Butcher - DD Collins Butcher 1915 by Michael Savad
  • Grocery - Edward Neuman - The produce section 1905 by Michael Savad
  • Butcher - Meat Party 1926 by Michael Savad

About This Group

Let’s See Everything You Can Capture At The Store!

A “Store” can be any setting where someone is selling their goods…
On a NY street, in a village, off a boat … if it’s where you sell your wares..
it is welcome here ! Heck even a child’s lemonaid stand can be a “store” !

Lots of great shots to be had at the Toy Store, Grocery Store, Motorcycle Shop, Covenient Store, Auto Store, Liquor Store, Toy Store, Fish Market, Street Vendor, Children’s Stands, Flea Market, Jewelry Store, Antique Shop, Floral shop, Etc.

NOT JUST AN ITEM OR TWO FROM A STORE But “the essence” of The Store.
The picture should give the feeling of multiple things for sale.

Who Cares If People Think You Are Crazy….Just Go For It! I bet if you ask, they will be happy to even pose for you! Its free advertisement for them if you mention their location !

*Please add (if possible) in your description where your picture was taken, a little about your experience shopping there, unusual items for sale or unique store owners who made your day with a bargain! *

Congrats To Our Challenge Winner And New Avatar!
“Rome Store Window Jeans” by Dana Roper

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