At the edge

This group is for showing REALISTIC art work of the relationship between land and water.

Recent Work

  • Creek and bush by sharon wingard
  • Morning At Trillium by TeresaB
  • Golden Hour on Lake Eyre by Tim Coleman
  • Ocean Drive by Nancy Richard
  • Rainbow Dam by Polly Peacock
  • Buckenbowra State Forest / Deua National Park by Tim Coleman
  • "Aspire to rise above the crowds!" by Nancy Richard
  • Mountain Stream - White Mountains National Park NH by JHRphotoART
  • Catching the Last Rays of Sun by Polly Peacock
  • Summer Breeze at R B Ricketts Falls by Gene Walls
  • Seal Beach Sunset by Polly Peacock
  • Crossing Hot Water by Tim Coleman

About This Group

This group is for realistic pictures that have both land and water elements to it. The relationship must be at least 50% of the picture to be featured and at LEAST SOME of both land and water to be in the group (people/ plants don’t count for this requirement). This is where you can showcase the beauty of the relationship between land and water.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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