Abandoned Asylums & Hospitals

Works that display the unique characteristics of hospitals, asylums, and other medical facilities.


  • Waiting For You by Ann Evans
  • through the window #5 by jbiller
  • Out of my mind by joshyrotten
  • walk on down the hall by jbiller
  • Faces in Windows by joshyrotten
  • The West Virginia State Hospital by Bryan D. Spellman
  • isolation ward by jbiller
  • Brass & Texture by PolarityPhoto
  • Desert Hospital by BruceH
  • through the window by jbiller
  • through the window #3 by jbiller
  • asylum clocktower by jbiller
  • Asylum Hall #1 by PolarityPhoto
  • Mt Gambier Hospital #2 by burley
  • Lights on but no one home by Chris Jallard
  • reflection by jbiller
  • Beechworth Asylum by MissyD
  • Through The Door Of Sadness by MissyD