Abandoned Asylums & Hospitals

Works that display the unique characteristics of hospitals, asylums, and other medical facilities.


  • Clinic by BULLYMEISTER
  • Let Me Bath by Ann Evans
  • through the window #7 by jbiller
  • LAZZARETTO by Mark Grech
  • isolation room by jbiller
  • Burn My Shadow by Ann Evans
  • Be Patient With Me by Ann Evans
  • Therapy? by Ann Evans
  • Foliage at the Wicked 'Wich by PolarityPhoto
  • Everybody Wants To Know by Ann Evans
  • Sink (Abandoned Nursing Home) by Matt Roberts
  • Hallway (Abandoned Nursing Home) by Matt Roberts
  • The Bricks Of Time by MissyD
  • moss covered steps by jbiller
  • asylum window #3 by jbiller
  • caged in by jbiller
  • Untitled by DariaGrippo
  • Wheeling shelf in an abandoned hospital by DariaGrippo