Abandoned Asylums & Hospitals

Works that display the unique characteristics of hospitals, asylums, and other medical facilities.


  • Ward Porch by Katherine Anderson
  • Hallway to Hell Redux by Katherine Anderson
  • Gurney by Josephine Pugh
  • Corridor After Corridor After Corridor ~ Harperbury by Josephine Pugh
  • Fire Exit ~ Harperbury by Josephine Pugh
  • *Dr Neil S Davies* by funkymarmalade
  • Failing Light~ Harperbury by Josephine Pugh
  • Coup de Grace by JeannieBlue
  • ♫ Every day you grow your nose hair... by compoundeye
  • The Downward Spiral by Ann Evans
  • medical center by jbiller
  • The Montana State Orphanage - 1209 views by Bryan D. Spellman
  • Kings Park Phyc Center  by WalkingFish
  • radiator by funkymarmalade
  • *Way Out* by funkymarmalade
  • *arches* by funkymarmalade
  • *filing* by funkymarmalade
  • In My Head by Ann Evans