Any and all Astrophotography

Recent Work

  •  LUNAR ECLIPSE 2019 by chrisastrophoto
  • Moon (07.03.2015) 11.17pm by Phil Le Cren
  • Blood Wolf Moon by DonnaM
  • Moon Fulfilled by Kenneth Haley
  • VdB 152 aka The Wolf's Cave by Chuck Manges
  • Messier#33 Triangulum Galaxy by Chuck Manges
  • M78 in Orion by Chuck Manges
  • Grass Tree Star Trails by maritahills
  • Moon Halo by Derek Smyth
  • Setting Reflections by Andrew Murrell
  • Railway Startrails by maritahills
  • The beast in the sky by Frank Olsen

About This Group

Anything to do with astrophotography as long as it’s above the earths atmosphere – whether it’s the moon, a planet or a Messier object etc.

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