A group for works, and people, that relate to astronomy.

Astronomy Group Guidelines (locked)

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Welcome to the Astronomy Group

Aim of the Group

The aim of the astronomy group is the provide a place where people can showcase their works that relate to astronomy and stargazing. It also aims to provide forums where people can discuss astronomy.

What Sort of Works Are Allowed?

Images (photographs, digital creations or “traditional” images), clothing and the written word are all encouraged. All the group asks is that factual astronomy, in some way, forms a major component of the work.

A few examples of what is acceptable are:

  1. Astrophotography.
  2. Images of people observing.
  3. Images of telescopes and other astronomical observing equipment (big or small).
  4. Images where an astronomical body (other than the Earth as seen from the Earth or images that feature the Sun while obviously not being astronomical studies of the Sun) plays an important factual role in the work.
  5. Artist’s impressions of other worlds (note that means factual impressions of factual worlds — fantasy impressions of fantasy worlds, no matter if they use actual astronomical images, are probably better off in the Sci-Fi group).
  6. Illustrations that help promote astronomy or inform people about the subject.

The above isn’t an exhaustive list. Neither is it supposed to be a restrictive list. It should be obvious what works and what doesn’t as a work for this group. Try and make your work be one about astronomy, not one that just happens to contain an astronomical image or body. Simply put: if you’re trying really hard to find a small gap in the guidelines so you can place a work here it probably doesn’t fit. If you’re unsure drop a moderator a line and ask.

It also goes without saying that any work you submit to the group should be one that you have a right to submit. Copyright matters.

Please Note: All of the above also pertains to journals and written works. If you add a journal or a written work that doesn’t relate to the above it will be removed.

And please don’t be offended if a moderator removes a work.

What Are the Group’s Limits?

There is no total limit. However, please don’t submit more than 3 images a day.

Who Can Join?

Anyone. You don’t have to be an astronomer, although an interest in the subject will probably make some sense. Also, you don’t need to post works to join the group. Anyone is more than welcome to join and just take part in the forum. If you’ve got a question that relates to astronomy then feel free to join and ask.

Reusing Other Works

Please take care to abide by artists’ copyright license wishes when you use their work. For example, images on NASA’s APoD website vary from public-domain to Creative Commons licenses to all rights reserved, at the copyright-holder’s request. In such cases it is not enough to just give credit; please also check with the copyright-holder – especially if you’re going on to offer the work for sale here.

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