Still Life Paintings

in Association with Solo-Exhibition

Recent Work

  • Orchids and Plums by JolanteHesse
  • Citrus by JolanteHesse
  • Saskia's Roses by JolanteHesse
  • Marigolds by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • Salame e Formaggio by Cary McAulay
  • Sweet Mandarin by Freda Surgenor
  • Apples and Pears by Freda Surgenor
  • Indian Pot with Succulents by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • Summer Fruit by Freda Surgenor
  • Hydrangeas in a Green Vase by ©Janis Zroback
  • Oleander by marlene veronique holdsworth
  • Fruit Salad by Freda Surgenor

About This Group

Do not join the group if you disagree with our practice of showcasing features with large images, or any other rule, policy, or practice written about in our rules, as the hosts rely tacitly on your agreement when you join.

Should you change your mind, at any time, about this or any other rule or practice of the group, including how we promote the artists; you hereby agree, by joining and/or continuing in your membership in this group, to then “unjoin" the group at that time. This is in order that the hosts may continue to rely upon each and all of our members being wholly in agreement with the group’s rules and methods of encouraging and promoting members and their art.

See my work in the ‘Magicians of Still Life’ exhibition,
sponsored by Solo Exhibition
curated by Beatrice Cloake

About Us:

Still Life Paintings gallery presents Still Life Fine Art paintings, executed in Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolour or mixed medium. Membership is extended through invitation.

This is a unique group which additionally is closely associated with the
Solo-Exhibition group.

Our companion website is

Our Forums:

Our forums serve as a place for exchange between members. They will be organized in useful topic groups, such as an exchange for “props” (i.e., photos of pots, plants, objects, etc.); a library for master works in the public domain; a place for ideas on lighting, set design, medium, and other concepts related to still life painting; and more.

Additionally, forums will have sections reserved for feature works and spotlight artist interview pages.

A special forum is reserved for Remembering Jay Gross,
founder of the original, Artists of Still Life, February 2012.
Marcelle Raphael gives thoughtful reflection on the life
and contributions of Jay, with links to hometown tributes.

Our Workshops:

In association with Solo Exhibition, the group will sponsor Still Life Paintings workshops, there, where each of our Still Life Paintings members will be provided their own virtual studio. Participants may work with their own references, or with fine still life images by photographers of Solo Exhibition.

Our Members:

Still Life fine art painters in the RedBubble community, by invitation. Please send request to Lynda or Frannie

Our Hosts:

Lynda Robinson lives in Seymour, Australia. Lynda is a well known and experienced Pastel artist in her country. Has won many accolades.

F.A. Moore, from Virginia, U.S.A., host of Solo Exhibition, will primarily work behind the scenes—website, workshops, branding, integration with Solo, etc.


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Membership of the group is by invite only.