Artists of Norfolk & Suffolk

A group for artists who live in Norfolk & Suffolk, UK

Recent Work

  • Pinfold Lane by Beverley Barrett
  • Walking The Dog by Beverley Barrett
  • Sudtiroler's girl by Lorenzo Castello
  • A Glass Overfull, Certainly not Empty! by Billlee
  • Window in an Abandoned Cottage. by Billlee
  • Delusional Tree Somewhere in Norfolk. by Billlee
  • Elm Hill, Norwich by Beverley Barrett
  • Portrait of a Turkey. by Billlee
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at Rest by Billlee
  • St Mary's, Stoke By Nayland by wiggyofipswich
  • The Small Window, All Saints Church, Thornage by wiggyofipswich
  • Le Sabre Concept car by GM.   !951 by Billlee

About This Group

A showcase for your BEST work.

Whilst images of Norfolk and Suffolk are welcome, we are also keen to encourage images/artworks of ambiguous locations, and locations outside of Norfolk and Suffolk as well.

The emphasis of this group is that it is intended solely as a showcase for artists/photographers who are residents of Norfolk & Suffolk, UK.

As a suggestion, if you have images of Norfolk and Suffolk you would like to promote, but don’t live in these counties, this group: Eastern England might be more appropriate.

Art and digital images accepted

See the group rules and join this group here