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everything about YOUR environment and process

About This Group

This group exhibits images from the artist’s work environment – studio, plein air, galleries, etc. Images should document aspects of your working life as an artist, such as where you make art, your gear, supplies, works in progress, items about the workspace that indicate your (the RedBubble artist) working life and processes. Tips and tricks you have discovered, as well as your creative progress or life aspects that have influenced your art, are welcome as written submissions.

“Work space” defined by one of the group founders, Marie Monroe:
Perhaps this is a desk or a chair? a counter top or a room filled with books and papers and protein bars? a computer? your notebook, sketchbook, cocktail napkin with creative scrawls?
Please send along images of your mess, evidence of you piddling, working, thinking, resting, creating, eating to fuel the creative fire.
We’re interested in seeing something of you and where you do your art thing and what surrounds you so we can have a cyber visit.
For those of you in the street…do you have a favorite bench? a cafe? a vendor for a snack? a favorite camera bag? your favorite working shoes? whatever it is, connect us somehow with you behind the scenes, the person and your surroundings that makes art.

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