Art With Meaning (two per day) *READ THE RULES PLEASE*

A group for traditional fine artists who create meaningful, quality artwork. (Invitation Only)

Recent Work

  • I Am Everything... by ©Janis Zroback
  • Forest of Light by Glenn Marshall
  • Concerto....A Winter Poem... by ©Janis Zroback
  • The Last Leaf... by ©Janis Zroback
  • Resting by Ivana Pinaffo
  • Juicy Stuff by ©Janis Zroback
  • Portrait of the Artist...... by ©Janis Zroback
  • The Centre Of Your Soul by ©Janis Zroback
  • Blue Wren  "Wren's Chatter"  SOLD Brisbane by sandysartstudio
  • Alpha And Omega  by Susan  Bergstrom
  • Through The Gate by ©Janis Zroback
  • The Arrival... by ©Janis Zroback

About This Group

This is a group for fine art artists (using traditional mediums only) who desire to create art that matters.
By matters we mean: art that is trying to convey something bigger than the image, is thoughtful, and is not just about reporting.
We are talking about artists who put uniqueness into the treatment of their art and attempt to create something that communicates.
Meaningful art (as it’s defined here) tries to say something, is uniquely and skillfully executed and moves/causes the viewer to ponder, feel, even expand.

Art with Meaning Banner. Congratulations Allison Ashton

Here is a quote from Janis Zroback that really captures the intent and vision of the group:

“A good painting is always about something, but it should be much more than what it portrays…I don’t mean that it should preach, but it should do much more than just report…there should be a unique interpretation of the world… a reason for the painting’s existence…
I also don’t mean just splashing colour around with no reason…it should be about something… it about the light through the trees, the experience of a storm coming etc?…..the visual language of the painting itself is what’s important….that’s why I stay away from painting photos or plein air work (there are many who do fantastic work this way, but this is just my particular style)…for me there is always a danger there in painting just what I see, and then it becomes reporting…we all know what trees look like, but how about the light between them or the fact that they often look like they’re reaching up to the sky?…
I think an artist should be focusing on these things or we might as well take a photo…finding out what it is that excites us about a scene is what it should be all about…
Is it shape, is it pattern, is it mood, aroused emotions? …above all it should convey something to the viewer..should attempt to bring them in…not make them feel “oh I have seen that before…I know all about it”…

This is an invitation only group. If you think your work belongs here based on the above information please bmail us and we will be happy to look at your work!

Please submit your best artworks only, and describe
on the art page as to why the work has meaning

While we recognize works that have personal meaning to you matter, not all of these are meaningful to the viewer. Please submit works that likely have meaning to the viewer as well.
We would like to showcase a variety of works, so try not to submit too many with the exact same subject matter or they might be rejected..
2 works per day only Thank You!

Important Information About the Forums.
We want to get to know you! so please introduce yourself in the Forum with a thumbnail picture of a work that fits the group!

NO works with NUDITY please.
No Photography

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Membership of the group is by invite only.