Art Up Close - (2 works per day only please)

This group is for hand painted art only. THIS MEANS NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR DIGITAL WORK! The art accepted into the group will be 'close up' depictions of any subject in any medium.

Recent Work

  • Ink Portrait Commission 2 by kojak67
  • Treasure in the Woods by Kate Eller
  • Nests by Aleksandra Kabakova
  • Big Hug by Lynn Hughes
  • Face, Bernard Lacoque-97 by ArtLacoque
  • Soft Lake. by Simon Groves
  • To The Other Side. by Simon Groves
  • Just Tilt My Sun by Marsha Free
  • Bubbles in blue by © Pauline Wherrell
  • Paradise in the Sea by Jennifer Ingram
  • Hidden Face of Mine by C. Rodriguez
  • Friend's baby by Boris J

About This Group

The art submitted to this group must be hand created. Please – no photography or digitally enhanced work and please include a description of what medium you have used. The art must be painted ‘close ups’ of any subject you choose…for example animals, still life, plants, trees, food, flowers, parts of the body such as the face, hands etc. Be as creative as you like!

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