Drawn to Fashion- Art on Clothing

A group for artists/illustrators adding to the world of fashion


  • Cut It Out: Ron Burgundy by cudatron
  • The Ambient Resolution by Jace Hagar
  • I Pity The Koopa! by Fanboy30
  • WE by Jaime Cornejo
  • WE by Jaime Cornejo
  • westies (mother and daughter) by Matt Mawson
  • Kweezy by Matt Mawson
  • Renew by DoodleDojo
  • Outpost #31 by Fanboy30
  • Answer that.. by Chris Cardwell
  • not an accurate image & likeness of god by titus toledo
  • Suspicious Fish by Zoo-co
  • UN-00003 by bluffingpotspk
  • UN-0002 by bluffingpotspk
  • god in the mirror by titus toledo
  • UV-0001 by bluffingpotspk
  • syurah: love by kangarookid
  • metashirt redux by titus toledo