Art of the Mundane (read the rules!)

Group Rules:

The images for this group will be moderated to the highest artistic and quality standards. The decision to accept or reject is at the discretion of the hosts.

We will accept fine art, photography, photomanipulations, and digital work that is well-rendered. I will accept writings if they are testaments or odes to everyday trivialities. No journals, please. Clothing is fine.

We are NOT looking for:
Pictures of weird (out of the ordinary) stuff
This isn’t really for architecture, but I will consider – you can try submitting
People/animals can be part of your image but we are really focusing on everyday objects and the actions surrounding them. This is not a group for candid people shots.
Please, no “what is this?” pictures – even if the question has been answered – we want to be able to tell what it is immediately.
We really would prefer to know what it is a picture of from the thumbnail.

We are looking forward to seeing what you can bring to the group!