Art of the Doll

Group Rules:

This is for doll art only.
Traditional art, drawings, illustraions, photography. Doll photography will be accepted as long as it follows the rules. Photography of people as dolls will be considered.

It can be any mood, dark, light, creepy, strange, morbid…it does not matter as long as it is of a doll, or doll related: ie doll parts. Joints and stitching.

Action figures for you guys out there. :)
It would be nice to have in the discription the nature of it being a doll/doll related.

We do not wish to reject or remove art. DOLL or DOLL RELATED only please.

Limit your submissions, a few a day, give others a chance to show thier work.
20 works total per artist…

By joining this group you are permitting the host(s) to feature your work on our homepage, use your images to promote our challenges, or as an avatar image to represent the group.

Rules are subject to change.

Group host(s) have the right to remove and revise this group as needed to refine the vision.