Art of the Doll

Art work inspired by the doll.

Recent Work

  • Happy Girl by nappysquid
  • Mannequin 67c by Dave Hare
  • I prefer red scarf.... by Ana Belaj
  • US Mannequin 120 by Dave Hare
  • Deserved rest or oblivion? by Ana Belaj
  • Mannequin 143b by Dave Hare
  • Montreal mannequin 16a by Dave Hare
  • lunch by H J Field
  • Teddy bear on the bed by Ana Belaj
  • A look of love by Dave Hare
  • Mannequin 135b by Dave Hare
  • Girls out walking by Dave Hare

About This Group

Art work inspired by the doll.
Any type of doll from childhood into the adult collector. Art inspired by ball jointed dolls, porcelain, rag dolls, voodoo, etc. If it is a doll of some sort…you’ve come to the right place. Anything from the plaything to the show piece.

Rag dolls.
Porcelian dolls.
Baby doll.
Action figures.

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