Art of Skateboarding

A group that appreciates the art of skateboarding. Skateboarders are pretty damn creative people, on and off their boards, so here is a place to showcase Skate related art. From painted decks to dooldles done by skaters to photgraphs of skateboarding - IT

  • Big Plant by bradlentz-photo
  • oink ripper by Kirk Shelton
  • Why Don't We Do It In The Road? by Rossman72
  • Steve Caballero - Bondi Bowlarama 2009 by Bill Fonseca
  • Hubba by max gersbach
  • wallride by max gersbach
  • Ghost Rider by Zack Nichols
  • My own personal Buddha by Scott Robinson
  • Joel (SLAM Factory - Central Coast) by Bill Fonseca
  • Toddler Bowl by Pip Gerard
  • Drop in... by JAZ art
  • Continuum by Scott Robinson
  • skater girl headphones by eliot hurley