Art of Skateboarding

A group that appreciates the art of skateboarding. Skateboarders are pretty damn creative people, on and off their boards, so here is a place to showcase Skate related art. From painted decks to dooldles done by skaters to photgraphs of skateboarding - IT

Recent Work

  • No Excuses T-shirts by Moncef ELHARRAK
  • Keke supreme by LifeSince1987
  • Franco Says Relax by rudeboyskunk
  • Worldwide Skateboarding by diversal
  • Welcome Back School Tshirt by Moncef ELHARRAK
  • Men and Women fitness tshirt by Moncef ELHARRAK
  • Mens tshirt quote life's a garden dig it by Moncef ELHARRAK
  • Freedom! by SHdesigner
  • FREEDOM - USA by SHdesigner
  • Cool Logo 2018 by SHdesigner
  • F*%k TRUMP  by LifeSince1987
  • Brothers Bikers by SHdesigner

About This Group

Welcome one, welcome all.

Skateboarding and Art go hand in hand, They`re inseperable. No other sport has as many direct links to Art. A quick scan across a skateshop`s wall will confirm this.

Skateboarding, like art, is self assessed, self initiated expression. Not reliant on a team, it`s a pure connection between you and your board alone.

From a casual roll in the sunshine, to 12 foot deep in a backyard pool, skateboarding breeds creativity, and you can`t help but want to smile. It`s a sport, a pastime, and a lifestyle all in one, and those who share the love are welcomed here.

All related Art, T-Shirts and Photography accepted.

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