Masterpiece: Art

Everyone has a piece of work of their own that they absolutely adore that they consider it their masterpiece and cherish it amongst all others that they may have done.

  • Artisan by rocamiadesign
  • Natural Mermaid by David Sourwine
  • 3 Who Are 1  ( Series) by Firebane
  • Summerfield by Ilunia Felczer
  • Night Tiger by Dawn B Davies-McIninch
  • Sadhu - Acrylic Painting by Scott Simpson
  • I miss you! by sunshine0
  • Hawaiian daybreak by Tim Laski
  • Daffodil by Paul Allen
  • cheetah by Marie Gudic
  • Kitty Dream by Larry Butterworth
  • Shouting To The Void by Rhonda Blais
  • Lonely at the Bottom by Steven Novak
  • The Pianist by Midori Furze
  • Invitation by collin
  • Peaches peach still life painting by derekmccrea
  • BUDDAH by Athina Monclus
  • Can't stay dry by Lior Goldenberg