Art in Math

Shapes in everyday life, geometric shapes, patterns, and lines.

  • Parliament Domes by John Schneider
  • Flammable Solid by Rupert Russell
  • Guitar Sale by Kathryn Jones
  • Red & White Warning Stripes by Rupert Russell
  • Stairs of Wonder 4 by John Velocci
  • USA. California. Sacramento. California State Capitol. Dome. by vadim19
  • Matthew 23: 1-12 by Adam Bykowski
  • A CELEBRATION of LIFE  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Open Stock by John Schneider
  • Dandilion in the garden by lightphotos
  • Modulo n = 294.09 m = 149.548 by Rupert Russell
  • Cube Number 8   by Rupert Russell
  • Greater White Fronted Geese by Laura Puglia
  • VivaChas Bicycle on Great Stuff! by ChasSinklier
  • Downward Spiral II by Douglas  Stucky
  • Silver Perspective by John Dalkin
  • Babylon 3  by anni103
  • glass ball by spetenfia