The Crown of Art (no longer accepting writing, photography, & t-shirt designs)

Group Rules:

We accept: photo-manipulations, traditional artworks (paintings, drawings, collages, etc.) mixed media.
We don’t accept journal entries, photography, t-shirt designs, and writing.

Be expressive, but no

- pornography
- offensive/obscene language
- snapshots of pets, animals, random birds, family pictures or gatherings. There are appropriate groups for these kinds of images.
- no travel pictures
- nature/flower snapshots
- sunset/sunrise snapshots
(a snapshot is different to a high quality artistic photograph in order to capture a unique or beautiful perspective)

This is not a dumping ground, and multiple rejections of your work may cause for you to be removed from the group

We look for:

- artworks/images that are inspiring because of the colors used, the style, the concept or idea being presented.
- creativity, imagination
- depth of feeling
- works that express your artistic style
- works that incorporate a meaningful message either to raise awareness about a topic or subject, or to simply express your vision, or artistic passion: this is what this group is about.
- honesty

Here are a few examples of the kind of work we look for

As an artist, I want you to feel as if you’re given the chance to re-imagine the world or life, or an aspect of either of them in your own style and expression; and each work you produce is a gem that you present in the great crown of Art.
Show us your vision.
Give us your art.

Only 2 WORKS per 24 hours

There’s a limit of 20 artworks per member, so please submit your best work ONLY

If your work is featured in the group it will most likely be featured in the blog, The Crown of Art
*We will be bubblemailing you just to let you know if your work has been featured in the blog :)