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Recent Work

  • It's a bird, it's a plane by Heather King
  • Smokey & the Lily by AnnDixon
  • San Francisco Neighborhood by Barbara  Brown
  • Hello Everyone !! by AnnDixon
  • 1960's OVERLOAD! by Marilyn Grimble
  • The Beacon by Jeanie
  • An implosion EXPLOSION by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Raining in the Rainforest by Clare Colins
  • Dreamy Blue Anemone On Black Background by BlueMoonRose
  • These Things Have Passed by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Never Miss an Opportunity by Marilyn Grimble
  • New Baby Boy Giraffe by AnnDixon

About This Group

To apply for membership please contact the group host. Qualifications: Hosting a group on redbubble.

As a thank you to all the great hosts of the Redbubble that give their time and energy so freely for the enjoyment and happiness of all their members on the Bubble, In this group we will feature you as a HOST of a group.

Important Notice
Before you join, please be aware that your work when featured will be displayed on a Permanent Gallery and also it may be used as an Challenge Avatar
It may from time to time be displayed on our Group’s Homepage as well…
And that by joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.