Painting, drawing and printmaking long it is in the discourse of Expressionism


  • Pegasus tattoo design by Alleycatsgarden
  • paddle or whip by Stephen McLaren
  • sitting naughty by Petra Pinn
  • Marching to Glory by Mrswillow
  • Nude by bernard lacoque
  • Why? by Wieslaw Borkowski Jr.
  • Jasmine by Faye Doherty
  • Lyrebird by Faye Doherty
  • Beautiful butterfly by Faye Doherty
  • Life Beneath the Ocean by Faye Doherty
  • Little Pianist by Midori Furze
  • Storytelling by Charles Kohnen
  • Void by Wayne Grivell
  • Liam and Friends, (Milford, Connecticut) by Cathy Amendola
  • Bird by bernard lacoque
  • from "Das Buch Ruth" by bernard lacoque
  • Lipizzaner Stallion by Jean Farquhar
  • Wine Country by HDPotwin