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The Fine Art of Emotion

This challenge closed almost 9 years ago.

The Challenge

From adoration to zeal, euphoria to jealousy, hysteria to melancholy; emotions are a basic and common human experience. Artwork that expresses emotion can be extremely powerful and wonderful work!
Please submit fine artwork (no photography or digital art please) based on the theme of emotion.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the artwork you feel has really captured something truly emotive – to the point where you can feel it too!

Rewards & Prizes

success and popularity?… lots of praise and adoration? hmmm… nah!!
How about…
The winning image in this challenge will be featured as the Avatar in the Fine Arts group!!

Additional Information

Like Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colours;
Love, Joy, Anger, Surprise, Fear and Sadness are the primary levels of emotion.
There are approx 23 secondary emotions and well over 100 tertiary emotions! (source – wikipedia)
So show us what you really feel!!!
If you have any other questions about this challenge please bubblemail melodious

Cover Image: My emotion by Janne Kearney


The Top Ten

Separation Anxiety No. 1 by Chantel Smith

Separation Anxiety No. 1 by Chantel Smith was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 13 votes.

  • the turtlemen by tank
  • Life Begins by Faye Doherty
  • Pathos by MinoYasue
  • drowning not waving by clairehanna
  • fragile by ToastedGhost
  • Call Me In The Morning by Lacey  Eidem
  • THE CAGE by helene ruiz
  • Sad Story by Midori Furze
  • Hope by Angela Drysdale

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