Art And Text

For any artworks using text as a prominent feature of their artwork, Like Xu Bing, Basquiat etc.


  • strawberries

    Change by strawberries

    Unappreciated, undefined,
    Unloved and undermined,
    Let’s turn this world upside down
    Run amuck, and go wild…

    We are what we make of ourselves
    We are the products of our minds

    Let’s do things our way!

    166 words
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo

    Passion of Love, Cahpter 23 "Black Iced Beach" G by Patricia Anne ...

    “Come my friend , come and kill me, for you will FAIL! You can not kill a dead man!”

    2131 words
  • byronC

    wait for me by byronC

    …you keep your memories in the back of your mind
    you seem to take them out at all the wrong times…

    81 words
  • strawberries

    what kind of world? by strawberries

    What kind of world are we living in when we can’t be fucked lending a hand?
    What kind of place is this when we ignore those around us?
    What things go through your mind when you ignore a plea for help?

    214 words
  • strawberries

    What if... by strawberries

    What if the world was different?…

    I mean, what if we listened to each other?
    What if I wasn’t too scared to fly?
    What if I wasn’t too scared to admit I lied?
    What if I followed my heart?
    What would happen

    129 words
  • Vitta

    Melody of Love. by Vitta

    Melody of Love for us I write
    I know we must to be together, my darling
    But life is difficult and life is wonderful
    Melody of Love play for us
    Melody of Love… Melody of Love…

    36 words
  • strawberries

    The Wedding by strawberries

    “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”
    I see you standing there, the other side of the hall,
    See you look at her, knowing this is all wrong.
    I watch in growing fear and dread, feeling far too sma…

    319 words
  • strawberries

    Midnight Angel by strawberries

    Lost in the darkness of my dreams,
    You save me from my deepest fears,
    I know you there, though have never seen,
    My sweet saviour of the night-time things,
    A beautiful soul with angel wings.…

    Your ghostly

    194 words
  • strawberries

    Hello... by strawberries

    Can you hear me?

    Candle light flickers, shadows on the wall dance before my eyes,
    Darkness engulf the steps from behind and I cannot see where I am going,
    Something creaks in front of me,…

    176 words
  • strawberries

    How I Hate Thee... by strawberries

    I do not hate you for who you are
    That would be wrong of me
    When I take what is rightfully mine
    I don’t want you to think ill of me
    I hate you for what you have
    For what you stole, but I will take it back…

    350 words
  • Sunil

    CORE Group Interview Red Bubble: Sunil Sharma – Sunilism... by Sunil

    Love , Romance, Respect, Service will impart Peace, Energy, Happiness and divinity across the globe…. Its more fun to share your bead with others….rejoice…

    1571 words
  • strawberries

    House of Lies by strawberries

    The caves of denial are closing in,
    The walls of spider spun lies are falling,
    The floor of unstable dreams is collapsing,
    All of this was only a matter of time I admit,
    But could it not have stayed just…

    391 words
  • strawberries

    What you don't know... by strawberries

    What you don’t know can hurt you,
    What you don’t have can kill you,
    Dreaming the impossible won’t come true,
    What you don’t know can hurt you.…

    Too wish, too pine, too long for, too desire
    Is to create in

    253 words
  • strawberries

    Meet the devil at a crossroads by strawberries

    A little box contains my heart,
    I bury it amongst the long dead grass,
    Hurried movements, this isn’t art
    I fell silly, nervous, I feel like an arse.…

    Legend says, to sell your soul,
    Meet the devil at a cr

    240 words
  • strawberries

    Running out of time by strawberries

    My heart beats erratically, a drum beat out of time,
    My eyes grow fuzzy, seeing things that were never mine,
    My mind is racing, a million miles, many different kinds.
    I’m watching you knowing that you n…

    248 words
  • strawberries

    Better Things by strawberries

    The days are growing darker,
    The nights are getting colder,
    The sun hides behind grey clouds,
    While my heart grows ever harder.…

    The carefree days disappear,
    The dark of night becomes a thing to fear,

    238 words
  • Ozcloggie

    There is no culture here (in Sydney). Back to the future. by Ozcloggie

    One of these was also Dutch and (as often happened) the topic was the lack of culture, compared to Europe.

    660 words
  • Sunil

    The Democratic Republic of Tibet" by 11 March 2016 Let th... by Sunil

    Welcome to His Holiness & Divine Grace Dalia Lama in Australia! The birth of “The Democratic Republic of Tibet” and “The Democratic Republic of China” by 11 March 2016.

    1887 words