Art And Text

For any artworks using text as a prominent feature of their artwork, Like Xu Bing, Basquiat etc.


  • Are you Owly too? by KazM
  • optimistic doodle by Jo Cave  (cavecorner)
  • thank you by Jo Cave  (cavecorner)
  • Female Transformation (part of diptych) by Olga van Dijk
  • Peace spiral  2010 by billgrant43
  • Peace spiral 1/4 by billgrant43
  • Ampersand by billgrant43
  • trou noir by linda vachon
  • Nude on Blue by ArtLacoque
  • On the Pull by LeedenMoon
  • Freedom Movement Energy by reflector
  • Fabulous Lemon Festival by daffodil
  • Are you related to....?  No! I'm not.  by MrJoop
  • I found Erskineville, full of people, last night.  by MrJoop
  • The storm-Ships off Estoril shore, Portugal by Wayne Cook
  • Life Jugs by Glenna Walker
  • For Us, For Our Children, For the Earth by Nadya Johnson
  • ONE WAY to stop WAR... by DAdeSimone