Art And Poetry That Disturbs

Poetry and Art with a disturbing edge, that sends a shiver down your spine, that disturbs, perturbs, distresses or unsettles .

Recent Work

  • Hell by astrosim
  • Soldiers never die (2014 remake) by astrosim
  • sleep with flowers by annacuypers
  • Withering by gyossaith
  • What should not be. by astrosim
  • All Knowing All Seeing I by brett66
  • The Light of Being by Scott Mitchell
  • Zombie Head by Anthony McCracken
  • R107 by rowanmacs
  • 'Twisted Deviations 3' by Sensual Sublime Studios
  • Shower scene from Psycho by brett66
  • Cutter - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt

About This Group

This is a group for disturbing, unsettling art and poetry. Often works are labelled “Dark”, “Horror”, “Surreal” and so on. There are groups aplenty on RB for each of these categories, and they serve a useful purpose ( I’m a member of many of them ). The purpose of this group is rather different: to transcend these labels and to try to include whatever has a “disturbing” character. Style is irrelevant, so all styles are welcome, as are all subjects and media, provided they have a disturbing quality.

There is very little of this art on RB, so this is likely to be a small group. Hopefully, it will be quality rather than quantity.

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