"Art and Ink So Free"

Group Rules:

The point of not excluding anything other than: profanity or nakedness, hate or anything that would be like it… of or from a hate based thought or expression, and anything that causes/caused one injury (real or imagined). All right, after careful consideration, if you have put in place a safe filter you can have your: profanity, nudity or any other but this(Nothing with hate, injury or harm… imagined or real). It wouldn’t be so free if it didn’t… now would it?

The hosts will reserve the right to exclude any party for violation of these rules, delete the work found to violate these rules or stop/impede the use of any thing that would seek to ruin the mission and quality of this site… for any reason including a personal one. We promise, as site coordinators, to be fair and semi-nonjudgemental… as it relates to everything listed above. We will do features as often as we can… not to say they will be done on any given day but they will be done as time allows us. All we ask is that you submit either the work you are most proud of, work that makes you warm and fuzzy or something you have thought out and would like to share: being of a quality you believe can offer hope to insight, appease something you believe is a contributor to the woes of mankind, something that needs to be said or seen and everything for anything we’ve missed. There is a lot to be said and seen on all this… let’s get to sharing. If it makes you feel good then share it… don’t be bashful.