Earthquake Relief Fundraising for Japan (please see the detailed guidelines - Artworks must indicate donation details)

For art works from which the artists will be donating their earnings (whether in whole or in part) to Japan earthquake tsunami relief efforts. We will also accept works used to raise funds to help victims of the 2016 Kumamoto earhquake.

Clarification of group guidelines / Starting fresh with new rules - May 29, 2011

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

After taking over as host here, I’ve had a few ask me how the donating would be done – my impression was that each artist would be doing the donations themselves – when they make a sale of their work on Redbubble, they would be donate a % of their sales to their local red cross or any party that would take the money to helping Japan (you can also donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross through Google – this maybe more effective as ALL the money goes to Japan DIRECTLY, whereas going through your local Red Cross may be slower and they may not send all the money to Japan).

When I first joined the group, my intent was to promote my works in which I would be donating my earnings to Japan relief, and I know at least a few others have been submitting works with that in mind. When I first took over the group, after the previous host left, I saw many submissions which looked to me like they were not following the guidelines. But after doing some back tracking, I realize why that may have been the case.

It seems that when the group was first launched, the intent was that with any works submitted, the originals were going to be donated for auction, which the last host was going to organize. However, there was a Change in Plan where the auction was no longer going to take place, due to time being of essence, and the host stated that each individual would be responsible for their own contributions. It may not be very clear whether she meant contribution of original works, or contribution of RB sales. Meanwhile there are many things unknown to me as to what has taken place previously – especially since I do not know what the group’s overview page stated previously. So in order to be on the right track, I believe it is necessary to start from fresh:

This group’s aim is to showcase works where the artists will be donating their earnings from Redbubble sales to Japan Relief. Buyers will be visiting this group bearing in mind that what they buy will be helping Japan, so please only submit works for which you will be donating your earnings to Japan – and this will be your own responsibility.

In order to ensure that members are up to date, from now on, I would like to see in the submissions an indication in the descriptions that sales of the works (which can be in partial or in whole) would be donated to Japan relief. I have come across many images in the group, which has the group banner and a statement saying “I support Art 4 Japan” which is nice, but that doesn’t tell me that the member knows the current group situation, or that they will be donating their RB sales themselves. So please indicate in your submissions that your sales would benefit Japan relief – this I think is more important than having the group banner. Here are some good examples of the type of submissions this group is looking for:

Rb japan T-shirt by andreisky
Memories and time by Silvia Ganora
United States Botanical Gardens – Passion Flower by Matsumoto
Vital Ki Tree by Christina Rodriguez

As I understand that this new procedure may take time to get used to, in the next while I will send reminders to artists who are submitting works not following the new guidelines. In a month or so however, I will start rejecting works not following the guidelines. I will also start removing works from the group not following the new guidelines. Artists may update the descriptions of their pieces before I start cleaning up the group. If I remove a piece, you may resubmit it given that you have updated the piece according to the new guidelines.

This group will also accept journals about upcoming fundraising events in order to help spread the word of the causes. This group’s aim after all is to raise funds for Japan. In terms of art and t-shirt submission however, please keep it only to works where you will be donating your sales from Redbubble.

Thank you all for supporting Art 4 Japan!

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

I have seen a few works linking to other sites where the artist will donate their earnings from; or who say they will donate the sale they make from their original works. I will accept these works too as long as it is clear how you are donating to Japan. I will also accept works from artists who indicate on their profiles that they will be making donations from all their sales, though if you can re-instate that detail in your description, that would be greatly appreciated!

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

Today’s features are up! All the featured works are also examples of what this group is looking for. At the end of this month, we will start removing works from the group that do not follow the new guidelines. This will allow artists some time to update their descriptions to suit the group guidelines. If your work is removed prior to being updated, you are welcome to resubmit it provided that your work follows the current guidelines.

Ellen Keagy Ellen Keagy 251 posts

This is all great, but I will be leaving and not around when/if there is an auction. So I suppose my work should be pulled?
Unless someone knows how to remedy this?


Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

Ellen, this group is not about the auction anymore; the intent is that artists will be donating the earnings they make from the RB sales of their works. which must be indicated in their submitted works. The artists themselves will be responsible for how they donate their earnings; this groups simply aims to help give those works more attention so that artists who are donating can make more sales.

Leyla Hur Leyla Hur 62 posts

Hi, I just joined the group and added a piece Tsunami for which I am donating 50% of any earnings to the Red Cross Japan. I tried to use the banner that was on the info page, but the image is not seeming to appear. Have I done something wrong? I put the ! at the beginning and end (without spacing), but it comes up as a little window that does not show the banner – is it just on my computer, or do you see that teeny little box too and not the banner? Thanks.

And I also want to thank you for this group. When I created and uploaded the piece I wanted to donate proceeds, but was not sure which was best way to do it, but someone commented to me about this group and then the info for the JRC was here, that is awesome and I am SO happy to help. I have family and friends in Japan – thank God none were in the effected zones (in Tokyo) but we all have friends with family members who were directly affected.


Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

Hi Namaste, welcome to the group and thank you for your contribution!

Did you just want to show the banner itself, or were you trying to have that banner hyperlinked to the group page? When you wish to hyperlink it, you need a colon right in front of the last ! followed by the groups link. It should look like this:

Hope that helps. Feel free to send me a bubblemail if you still have trouble.

ontoshiki ontoshiki 1 post

Hello, Id like to feature two of my photos . how do i add to the featured group?

Mui-Ling Teh Mui-Ling Teh 242 posts

Hello ontoshiki, welcome to the group, and thank you for your submission. What gets added to a group’s featured gallery is only up to the hosts.

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