Arizona Wildlife Only ~Please read rules~

Group Rules:

2-14-11 Update…..
We now will me moderating images. If your image has been rejected, please be sure it follows the group rules. Images not following the rules will be rejected without notice.

Simply put……

♦ Must be taken in Arizona. Please list the location taken within description!!

♦ Images are to be of ANIMAL WILDLIFE. Not behind bars. Any form of animal wildlife including birds, mammals and insects will be excepted!

♦ The name of subject & place it was captured in description for benefit of others to know what they may be able to see if they were to visit Arizona.

♦ Journals will be excepted as long as they follow the criteria!

♦ Entries will be automatically excepted, however if they do not follow the criteria they will be removed without notification!
(Continued disregard to the rules will lead to your removal from the group again without notification.)

No limits on Submissions! (Yay)

Enjoy what animal wildlife Arizona has to offer and tell your friends why they should stop and visit!