Architecture & Street Art

Buildings, monuments, staircases, graffiti etc - Photography Only

Recent Work

  • Owego NY - Bicycle Parked on Rainy Street by Susan Savad
  • Gallivanting Around Seville is Pure Charm - Houses in Andalusian Yellow by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Gallivanting Around Seville is Pure Charm - Calle Pimienta Red Facades by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Door and white windows by Roberta Angiolani
  • Pantheon Detail by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Pointing Towards Heaven by Cynthia48
  • Split Rock Lighthouse #5 by Rachael Martin
  • Gandhi Square Johannesburg by vrphotographysa
  • Neubauten by Peter Krause
  • Wonderful Water Tower by DonnaM
  • Memorial Museum by Cynthia48
  • Tribute  by Cynthia48

About This Group

Our planet is full of architecture & street art. We want to see as much of it as possible. Share with us your finds :)

For Buildings
- new, old, or in ruins, in a way that highlights or shows its architectural style. However, single or small groups of buildings for their architecture, not town or cityscapes
- Parts of buildings such as chimney pots, pillars or carvings.
- Interior shots of specific items such as fireplaces, ceiling roses, staircases.

For Street art, things such as:
- grafitti, wall paintings, pavement paintings, carnival flags, mosaics, performance art

- The building or street art has to be the main focus of the picture and not incidental to the general picture.
- This also means not long distance shots.
- People and vehicles if included should not detract from the architecture or art of the subject

NEW Group Avatar image “Architecture” by Randy Turnbow

previous Group Avatar image Architecture by Re’em Eyal

Have fun!

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