Architecture and Cityscapes - 1 per 24 hours, photos only

Only the best and most professional images of the worlds built environment!

Recent Work

  • NOLA Sunset by Malik Jayawardena
  • Conwy Castle by Lamplight by Adrian Evans
  • Neuschwanstein castle in winter by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Prague,Czech Republic by rasim1
  • Rotterdam by smithandcompany
  • NYC Skyline - Sunset by Vivienne Gucwa
  • Miniature Sydney Harbour by sharon2121
  • Leaving Venice by JMChown
  • Impressions Of Florence - a View From the Top by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort by heinrich
  • Pyramid du Louvre 3 by Elena Skvortsova
  • Empire State Building by NeilAlderney

About This Group

This is for people, who love architecture and cityscapes, which are a ’scape of cities. ie, the lines of rooftops, the whole city on a skyline etc

As architecture, of course it’s not only in the city. Such places as abandoned houses are great. Interior or exterior, are accepted as long as it is a good example of architectural art. An image of a door, no. An image of a window, no. A broken bunch of timbers, or two or three stones left from a building, do not count! An abandoned castle mostly standing – yes. Ten rocks left of one NO. An abandoned Victorian building or Colonial etc – yes. A bunch of timber left on the ground, NO.

Please submit ‘bridge’ photos to the bridge groups unless they are part of a photo that is showing a cityscape. We are getting too many bridges and technically, unless they are elaborately made of wood or arches made of stone, they would best fit in those groups.

Photos where a boat, bunch of boats, a lot of water, ocean, large rolling fields etc is not architecture. If the foreground detracts from the architecture, do not add it.
There is a group called “Street-scapes” where you can submit many street scenes and things you see on/in them.

If your image is clearly not about architecture, please don’t submit it, it will be declined

For example:

  • Travel happy-snaps – eg. a person performing a ‘star-jump’ with Eiffel Tower in the background, will not be accepted
  • Images that are dominated by a sunset, with a small incidental city skyline, will be declined as better suited to other groups.
  • Images of a candid or photo-journalistic nature, with incidental buildings in the background, will be declined as better suited to other groups.
  • Images dominated by statues, with a few incidental buildings in the background, will be declined as better suited to other groups.
  • Images of just a single door or windows/window reflections, will be declined as better suited to other groups.
  • Heavily post-edited/manipulated images (inclusive of heavy layers/textures) will be declined as better suited to other groups.
  • Images of buildings heavily obscured by trees/tree branches (to the point the building is hardly seen!) will not be accepted

Diversity is a richness. Instead of seeing only nature photography,
it’s good for change to see beauty in a city’s buildings.

1 photo / day
Rejection is based on the group message dated 12/05/2011

1) plan your shots and make them good.
2) study the work of those who get featured, and that of professional world renowned architectural photographers.
3) remember buildings don’t move, only the sun and clouds. So you do have a few minutes to plan your image.
4) vacation snaps won’t make it unless you have an extreme talent
5) create an image, don’t just take a picture
6) most important … capture the sense of place

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