A collection of Architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers. We do not accept any R/B Products, NO Frames - RESTRICTIONS ON FEATURE PAGE CHALLENGE - ONE WIN PER MEMBER PER CALENDAR YEAR*

Recent Work

  • *Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, Portland, Vic.* by EdsMum
  • Gritty Beauty - a Centuries Old Byzantine Church with Marvelous Masonwork by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Inspirational Spray by Kasia-D
  • The country life by vigor
  • Craftsman Christmas by Chet  King
  • *Light and shade of Vertical blinds* by EdsMum
  • High Walled -   by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Germany. Munich. Rezidenz. Fountain Courtyard. by vadim19
  • Germany. Munich. Rezidenz. Antiquarium. by vadim19
  • Arches in the Mosque of Cordoba by arkitekta
  • Window in an Abandoned Cottage. by Billlee
  • The crazy Staircase by Imi Koetz

About This Group

A collection of architectural interpretations as seen through the eyes of Red Bubblers and the lens of their camera.WE DO NOT ACCEPT RED BUBBLE PRODUCTS OR FRAMES – RESTRICTIONS ON FEATURE PAGE CHALLENGE – ONE WIN PER MEMBER PER CALENDAR YEAR

Avatar/Bluestone Building – 03/11/2018

Village Church by Marlou Badeaux

Avatar/Atrium/Skylight – 06/9/2018

*Bancroft Hall by Adam Northern

Avatar/Door or Window – 23/7/2018

Entrance St Columba’s Free Church, Edinburgh – Scotland
by Holger Mader

Avatar/Belfry or Attic Window – 24/4/2018

*Room with a View by Sally Hadane

Outdoor Steps Leading to Building – 01/4/2018

Step Back in Time by John Dalkin

Avatar/Inside Looking Out – 14/3/2018

Beethoven looking at the moonlight by Billlee

Avatar/Inside Looking Out – co-winner 14/3/2018

Wordsworth’s Window by WallarooImages

Avatar/Art Museum Inside or Out – 05/3/2018

Royal Exhibition Building, Main Hall, Melbourne by Lezvee

Avatar/Round Window – 04/2/2018

Porthole Scenery by Linda Sparks

Avatar/Round Window co-winner 04/2/2018

Antonio Gauci’s Crypt Window by Angelika Vogel

Avatar/Round Window co-winner 04/2/2018

Segments of a Blue Sky by Alexandra Lavizzar*

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