Architectural Details (see new rules)

Group Rules:

Please submit your best images of those small details that can make a building fabulous.
Do not submit:
Bridges, piers, pylons
Whole buildings
Buildings reflected in other buildings
Sweeping views of whole sections of buildings
Large sections of repetitively-patterned skyscrapers
Sweeping views of interiors of buildings
Interior decorating shots
Things not attached to the building (free-standing lights, fountains, etc.)
Plants unless they are part of the detail you are showing
Statues/sculptures (bas-reliefs okay as long as they are attached to a building)

Otherwise the sky’s the limit and you can bmail mewith questions.
Details can be indoor or outdoor.
Details that have seen better days but are still cool are fine.
Layering effects, TTV, and HDR are fine but if an image has been manipulated to the point of non-recognition it will be rejected.
Please be in focus with decent exposure. Poor quality work will be rejected at Host’s discretion.

Interesting building shots can go to Unique Buildings of the World and
Architectural Photography. Thanks!