Quality Genius

Recent Work

  • Raindrop Splash by Igor Zenin
  • Violist by Richard Young
  • On Top by Norbert Probst
  • Roxy Music by Randy Monteith
  • Your Choice by KLIMAS
  • Sunset Glory by Igor Zenin
  • Winter Stroll by Igor Zenin
  • Save Our Souls by Igor Zenin
  • Hipponest by KLIMAS
  • Zenith by AngiandSilas
  • Golden Maelstrom  by Hugh Fathers

About This Group

The Association of Quality in Visual Arts is a non profit knowledge based project established in 2010 in order to continue advanced scientific and artistic research on the visual quality

The skill of independent thinking and of the “creative creation” is the condition whether a community survives or not. The condition on which a genius survives is the possibility to function creatively, being inspired day by day

Are You a genius?
Let Us See You


We apologise to all members who may feel delayed or rejected. We will be happy to consider your works in future.

The hosts choose authors and invite them to submit artworks to the group by tagging them with the banner (you can find out in the group rules).
Suggesting a piece to the group by the author is only optional!
- That means the suggested artworks may not be accepted, especially if there are too many sugesstions from one author or genres.

The main aim of the AQVA group is not to collect as many works as possible.
We keep up a small collection just as the examples of the whole visual heritage of creativity in various mediums, themes and styles of performing the visual quality.

The featured gallery has been promoted and discussed during AQVA art classes.
All featured members are also chosen for The Quality Spotlight Interview and distinguished in the featured gallery.

The artwork which hasn’t been tagged by the group host may be rejected also because the group is searching for some particular items or it doesn’t need more themes at the moment.

No detailed explanations are given without a request.
Please be patient with the bubble mail.

For Polish readers:

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.