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Volume 11 - Julia Uncovered

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Tutorial # 11 is the Julia Uncovered Tutorial by Claire Jones on DA

This tutorial has lots of really good information in it. It is in PDF form and is pretty long, but that is because she does alot of explaining, shows alot of screenshots and also shows you multiple techniques. I would love to see each of you try each of her techniques. I really enjoyed this one and think you will too.

Set your scale around 15 to start
Set your gamma to 5 to start

Claire will tell you in the tutorial some of the different variations you can use with this one

Here is your easy button for your convenience!

Have fun & good luck!

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Here are my first 3 pieces, one from each of the techniques. :)

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

First Julian I see, will be our avatar for the group for the next 2 weeks. :)

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3617 posts

these are very pretty Jackie….I look forward to playing….. BIG SMILE….. :)

barrowda barrowda 2620 posts

At the risk of sounding a bit like Iwona, oooh, oooh, Mr. Kotter, oooh, oooh, I already have one of those but I made it in Fractal Science Kit….does that count???

Grand Julian 2 Ornament (UF0061)
by barrowda

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

lol It counts for showing off but doesn’t count for this tut & the avatar! :)

happypattern happypattern 332 posts

Here is one I have created with the amazing tallent of jimpan. He certainly knows his Julians and creates the most beautiful jewels I feel.

There is so much to learn from the tutorial and from one another!

Garden of Pearls
by happypattern

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Gorgeous work Sylvia! That was from a flame pack? Fabulous!

I’m using my pink one as a desktop BG and loving it lol

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3617 posts

oooh….these look gorgeou….I can’t wait to start playing…. :)

happypattern happypattern 332 posts

You know Jackie, I don’t remember what I’ve put in the flamepack, lol? But I hope it is? Your pink one looks so beautiful I feel I want to wear it lol!

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

lol We can make that happen Sylvia! lol Well I know they have flamepacks, scripts and all that other stuff for this…. but I wanna see stuff made from the tut alone. I was having too much fun! lol I see alot of options with this one. :)

thebeeper52 thebeeper52 24 posts

Looking forward to this one!

barrowda barrowda 2620 posts

OK, here is the real deal from Claire Jones’ tut, made without flame, just following the instructions. Of course, I had to do a little postwork to make it pretty in spite of the 17 minute render :o)))

Julian Overview#1: Pitted Olives (UF0331)
by barrowda

Virginia N. Fred Virginia N. Fred 843 posts

Man I just noticed this lol, I think I am gonna like this one lol

viennablue viennablue 2410 posts

you guys are so quick off the mark lol, this tutorial looks a beauty, think I might like this one too Gina :-)

Jaclyn Hughes Jaclyn Hughes 5308 posts

Awesome work David!!! You are our avatar! :)

lol Gina I really think you are going to like this one.

lol Jacqui… I try! :) Oh this has so much potential!

Virginia N. Fred Virginia N. Fred 843 posts

I cant wait, woo hoo, its starting off so well

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3779 posts

OMG!! julians :))) yey – that be fun to play with and I have some ready of course LOL

Ruby Gems
by Fiery-Fire

by Fiery-Fire

barrowda barrowda 2620 posts

Gorgeous Julians, Iwona!! Gives us something to shoot for, thanks :o)))

viennablue viennablue 2410 posts

@Jackie – beautiful work love the third one with the muted palette
@David – great stuff David, there’s no stopping you lol :-)
@Iwona – wow! stunning gems, gorgeous julians

this is my first from this tutorial

Persian Carpet
by viennablue

sstarlightss sstarlightss 1113 posts

Gorgeous works already, I love this tutorial! Happy Julian to all.

Claudia ;o)

James Brotherton James Brotherton 2157 posts

Nothing could be more unclear to me than the beginning of this tutorial and the clearing out of an existing flame you are left with 2 transforms. After you set your variations on transform 2, the screenshot shows adding a new transform and then setting the variables. Maybe I’m just stupid but my first 3 steps look nothing like the screen shot. Just an orange ball and frustration!


Virginia N. Fred Virginia N. Fred 843 posts

So here goes my first attempt at this tutorial, not sure if I am happy with it

Julia’s Lace
by Virginia N. Fred

Clepsidras Clepsidras 697 posts

uh, I’m late.

Already so many great works!

good job everyone. :)

autumngirl autumngirl 500 posts

Jim, well, I took a look at the first part of the tutorial, and since I utterly hate reading tutorials (lol!), I decided to just download the pack of eight flames that she provides as well, and start with one of those and majorly tweak the dickens out of it to see what I could come up with. I now am rendering a lovely yarn flower garden, and shall have it ready in a bit for posting here! Doesn’t look a thing like what I started with (her image), but I love it! So when all else fails……just pick a starter flame and tweak the everloving daylights out of it! Works for me……!