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*FRIDAY FEATURES - 4/19/2013*

v-something v-something 779 posts

I just love going through the gallery and seeing all these adorable dogs. It really puts a smile on my face!

Please enjoy the images below and take time to congratulate our featured artists.

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Congratulations to Friday’s Featured Artists!!

I love summer. Summer is awesome. And I love the park. The park is awesome too.
by Kerri Madison

Portrait of Meryl the Boston Terrier
by Ludwig Wagner

Bobby the Boxer
by Dlouise

Old Man Bailey
by Bine

You are "NOT" touching my ball
by Toni McPherson

"Come On – Play With Me"
by Loree McComb

Bine Bine 1279 posts

Thank you so much for the feature and congrats to all featured artists ! :-)

Toni McPherson Toni McPherson 42 posts

Thanks so much for the Feature…………. Great Group……….. thanks again………… and congratulations to all featured…… and everyone who submits images
I think they are all cute and cuddly……………… great work

Ludwig Wagner Ludwig Wagner 696 posts

such lovely dogs! congrats to all and thanks for the feature!

© Loree McComb © Loree McComb 212 posts

I’m delighted to be featured – thanks so much

Ginny York Ginny York 7007 posts

Congratulations everybody!! Beautiful captures! Keep them coming!

Dlouise Dlouise 3043 posts

Great work by all and thank you so much for the feature!

v-something v-something 779 posts

An absolute pleasure to feature your beautiful images Bine, Toni, Ludwig, Loree & Dlouise :) Thanks for popping in and commenting.

And I agree with Ginny – keep the fantastic images coming!!

Zdogs Zdogs 565 posts

Congrats to all, they’re all gorgeous :)

kerrimadison kerrimadison 28 posts

Thank you so much for including my photo in the features and congratulations to everyone else who has been featured. I love seeing all of the gorgeous dogs and images that get posted to this group. :-)